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Don’t ignore WordPress Security!

Every couple of months, the WordPress software is updated to fix bugs and increase security. It is very important you keep your website updated by installing the latest releases. This is something you can do yourself through your admin dashboard, or you can have me handle it for you. There is also a very good plug-in that would help as well, and the code is free!

Please let me know if you want me to update your site. This would include updating the main software as well as the plugins. It should take about an hour.

Also, you will be receiving my newsletter in the next couple of days telling you about Google Analytics, which should definitely be added to your site, if it’s not there already. Now would be a good time to do both, especially since Google Analytics is free!

Please feel free to call or email me after you receive the newsletter so we can discuss your website.


Roger Weiss owns the Boston Web Company,  a web design company located in the Boston metro area.