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About Boston Web Co

The Boston Web Company specializes in website design and is owned and operated by Roger Weiss. We started the Boston Web Company in 2001, and have created hundreds of web sites for sole proprietors, small and medium-sized businesses, artists, designers, musicians, restaurants, and caterers. You get the idea. If you run a business, you need a website.

I don’t work alone. I have a team of freelance designers and writers I call upon, depending on what needs to get done.

We specialize in WordPress sites that allow our clients to do their own updates after they are up and running. And we focus on great customer service and helping our clients achieve their marketing goals as painlessly as possible.

Variety is one of the most exciting aspects of this business. Our websites are as different from one another as are our clients.

When you hire a large web design firm, you have no way of knowing who’ll be working on your website. But when you hire Boston Web Company, I will personally attend to your site. I’ll take the time to get to know your business and work with you to create a site that truly meets your needs and reflects the personality of your business. Need proof? Check out some of our work.

With over twenty years in the computer industry, Roger is the company techno-wiz, and has been working on web-based applications for many years. “I love getting creative with technology, and coming up with solutions for clients that they didn’t even realize were possible”.

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